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LÉMI & Partners

LÉMI is a consultancy firm specialising in digital solutions, trainings and development.


Based between the Middle East and Europe, we combine a pioneering vision with globally attuned strategies to move companies & brands forward.

Our purpose

Our vision is to build a culture of innovation and digitalisation with women at the helm.

Our mission is to help companies & brands thrive in digital, business development and trainings with 360-degree solutions that transform the way they serve people, drive revenue, and stay competitive in the modern world.

Our Core Values

Think Forward

We instil creative leadership by reimagining digital and rethinking our current data and practices. We’re never complacent—we actively and honestly incorporate feedback and innovate the way things work.

Collaborate to innovate

We believe that when we unite our unique talents and expertise, we create outcomes like no other. We foster creativity and diversity, place value on every individual’s contribution, and help everyone evolve in their creative and professional roles.

Deliver excellence

We lead not just by keeping our word, but by constantly raising the standards of our work so we can deliver results better than the last.

Empowering Women

Women in technology comprise less than half of the industry. We’re determined to change that statistic. Project by project and brand by brand, we aim to push for a culture that values the unique perspectives and expertise of women in digital. We hope to close enough workplace gaps and eventually witness more female leaders shape the world of digitalisation.

Why choose us

15+ Years of Experience

Data-driven Digital Consultancy

Certified Professional Consultants

Over 30 Satisfied Clients

Easy Onboarding Process

Constantly Evolving

Meet the Founders

Introducing Michelle Gemayel and Léa Kiwan, visionary founders with a passion for innovation and social impact. Together, they have built a reputation for driving transformative change through their entrepreneurial endeavors, inspiring others with their dedication to creating a better world.


Direction Général de l'Aviation Civile_e
Orange Telecom
Johnsson & Johnsson
Rayane Bacha
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